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Fitness and Sports Network

Published 08/24/2011 and rated Ratingstars3 3 out of 5 stars
by AppAppeal Editor
What can you use the app for?

Tribesports is a network dedicated entirely to fitness and sports. Users can sign up and begin building a sports-based profile. The site focuses on physical activities and fitness. The user can sign up for challenges and earn badges on their profile each time they successfully complete a challenge. The site also provides an area for users to join and create “tribes,” which are essentially groups. Users can communicate with others who share similar interests. The site also supplies a discussion area where users can ask questions and provide answers related to sports, health and fitness. Tribesports also includes a shopping feature that helps users locate equipment, gear, footwear and clothing needed for their favorite activities. Users can also ask for assistance when choosing a specific brand or product.

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What is the history and popularity of the app?

Tribesports is designed to give members a place to have fun and improve themselves through information and motivation. The company is based out of Shoreditch in London. The application was founded by Jenna Anians, David Hickson, Steve Reid and Andrew McDonough. The team currently includes Commercial Director Anians, CEO Reid and CTO McDonough. is currently in beta. In March 2012, Tribesports announced that they received a $2.8 million investment.

What are the differences to other apps?

Tribesports provides users with a number of ways to get motivated and discuss fitness and sports. The tribe concept, which works much like a group, allows users to connect with others who have similar fitness goals or preferences. The site also incorporates many other helpful elements, such as the online shopping features, challenges and achievements. Tribesports stands out because it brings together everything a user could need to enjoy sports and fitness online.

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How does the web app look and feel to use? has a very masculine appearance that uses grey and yellow with hints of orange. The header features the grey and white logo with two paint stripes in yellow against a dark grey background. Users can find the four main areas by clicking the links at the top, center of the page. A search tool bar is also available in the upper, right hand corner for users looking for tribes, equipment or other people.

How does the registration process work?

A new user can join the Tribesports community by clicking the white “Register” button in the upper, right hand corner of the homepage. Users who have a Facebook or Twitter account can sign in with their credentials be clicking the corresponding button found along the right hand side of the registration form. Those who prefer to go the traditional route can provide their first and last name, username (which will also be a part of their Tribesports URL), a password, email address and optional gender, date of birth, country location and post code.

What does it cost to use the application?

Tribesports welcomes all new users for free. There are no subscription fees or other charges for using the site. The user is given access to all current features just by signing up. The application is still in a beta status, so it is possible that a paid membership could be added later on.

Who would you recommend the application to? is intended for sports and fitness enthusiasts. Through the online community, users can get answers, help, suggestions and motivation. Users can participate in challenges which add a bit of competition and interaction among the Tribesports community.

  • Build a Tribesports profile
  • Participate in challenges
  • Browse for sports and fitness related products online
  • Ask questions and get answers about fitness and sports
  • Join tribes with others who have similar fitness goals

Tribesports video

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